Finally, everything you need to attract, retain and sell to your customers!

Finance Broker CRM Software

With Datalyse, no more worries about getting a bunch of different tools to "talk to each other" again ... Scale remotely with ease.
A sales-oriented operating system and global phone and communications system all in one! Run your business locally and globally! Automate the entire customer lifecycle with automated processes in: sales, service, renewals and claims.
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Software tools are not designed for high volume sales

A high volume of contacts and the management of them.

One-click lead generation.

Own communications integrated in the CRM.

How do I solve my problem when managing a large customer portfolio with Datalyse?

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If you want a system to manage sales, telephony and service while offering the best possible automation that was designed specifically for high volume sales, then Datalyse is for you!

Sound familiar?

Your current software lacks omnichannel solutions

They have communication limitations and that makes your day-to-day work with the customer more difficult.
Customers cannot be given the opportunity to express themselves through the media they use most.
Long and complicated solutions to possible communication failures.
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Your software lacks communication automation and scalability in the closing process.

You have all this valuable information, but you can't use it to increase your sales!
The time to automatically send repeated information cannot be shortened.
The scalability of your sales software is an issue that will affect the growth of your business.
You're missing out on sales opportunities because these tools don't help you follow up with good marketing nutrition information.
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The solution? Datalyse

Datalyse helps you to solve all those problems in your daily life with the best technological solutions in the market.

Datalyse includes technology solutions such as automated and bulk distribution of new leads, sales funnel customization, automation of repetitive administrative tasks and lead generation.

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Functionality #1

How does Datalyse solve the distribution and management of new contacts?

Task reminder tools: Calendar, lead generation with sales funnels. We distribute your contacts to your sales teams through automatic manual or mass distribution. We create new contacts from marketing campaigns launched in RRSS. We change the status of your leads in bulk. We solve contact management problems using sales funnels and create new sales opportunities.

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Functionality #2

Datalyse tools for communications automation and scalability for closing sales

Datalyse helps all members of your teams with automation with a single goal: to improve sales performance. Automate your team with email sequences to customers when they are in the status you specify. The sequence of these emails will be sent automatically, with the intention of persuading your contact. Email and SMS automation tools to lead the market.

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Functionality #3

A whole Omnichannel system in the same solution. Shall we get started?

We have our own means of communication to obtain more discounts and ensure faster resolution of problems and restrictions. Direct communication with customers through: SMS, VoIP, mail manager, video conference manager, chatbot and WhatsApp. It is simple, because thanks to our own communication, we solve the problem immediately. Without intermediaries.

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