CRM and Lead Generation

Datalyse offers an agile sales CRM which allows you to generate and/or manage lead generation, identifying potential contacts for your business or the service you offer and advising them throughout the sales process.

For companies and/or contacts

Not all companies work the same, that is why in Datalyse CRM we have designed the possibility to create sales opportunities in several locations within our platform.

Create different opportunity pipelines

In Datalyse you can create from the Startup package different process tables. If you have different operational and business processes in your company, from Datalyse you can reproduce them through multiple Pipelines.

Customizable properties

Fields and properties are the relevant contact information that we can see in each opportunity. In Datalyse you can customize your fields according to your needs; this option allows you to edit and create fields for: contacts, companies, opportunities, tasks and budgets.

Reports and graphs

Datalyse can generate its own graphs with information about what is happening on the platform. These graphs can be simple or compound, for example to see in a graph the status of opportunities by agent or to see the status of opportunities by closing date and agent.
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Create automations for opportunities

Datalyse has the possibility of programming actions based on the time of creation of the opportunity and its status, being an extra help for the user in order to be able to close the sale in less time.
Search of opportunities with multi-filters.
Bifurcations within the automatisms.
Share opportunities within your company.
Assign opportunities for companies and contacts.

New opportunities with Datalyse

Datalyse has developed many tools to manage and visualize business growth opportunities.
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100% configurable. It adapts to your needs.
Add notes of relevant information to opportunity.
Creation of sequences for each of the opportunities.
View the total in various currencies in effect.
Interconnected with our payment gateway Stripe.
Helps to establish sales strategies.

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