Integrated CRM Email Management

Datalyse has a built-in email manager with email inbox. We store all incoming and outgoing emails and files in our cloud with replication in several data centers.
Mail Manager

With all the tools for the control of a mailing system

Management panel

CRM Software With Email Integration

Fast, easy and secure configuration and control of all email accounts.
Identify which customers you have in your Datalyse database and add new contacts directly from the inbox.
All the attachment are saved not only in the email, but also automatically in the file or lead of each contact. No more searching in other locations for emails and attachments sent and/or received from each contact.
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Unlimited sending and receiving of e-mails.

Advanced functions to manage and organize your emails.
Reduces time in the management of your emails in the inbox and outbox. Forget about having other windows or programs open to manage and administer your e-mails with your contacts.
With a simple clickIf you decide to dispense with the templates defined and created by you, send an e-mail with the e-mail of your choice.
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Designed to maintain control.

The cloud-based email manager allows you to unify all your emails and corporate or private accounts in a single management platform.
All data attached are saved not only in the email but also automatically in the file or lead of each contact. You just search in other locations, emails and attachments sent and / or received from each contact.
Visualization in chronological order of each email sent or received from each contact.
Let Datalyse and thanks to its AI and powerful workflow send your company's presentation and follow-up emails.
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No infrastructure, safe and efficient.

All you need is an internet connection and you will have your emails on your smartphone, tablet or PC.
CRM Software With Email Integration
To improve your customer service and your company's image by getting an immediate response directly from the CRM.
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electronic self-safeguards

Your e-mails are always safe

Thanks to the IMAP copy of your email account, you will always have your emails safe.
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