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With Datalyse, no more worries about getting a bunch of different tools to "talk to each other" ... Scale remotely with ease.
A sales-oriented operating system and global phone and communications system all in one! Run your business locally and globally! Automate the entire customer lifecycle with automated processes in: sales, service, renewals and claims.
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Datalyse is a system designed specifically for the travel agency sector.


Why not incorporate tools to increase sales volume?

Their costs are too high for what they offer.

They don't fit the way you work.

They do not allow you to make good sales follow-ups.

You use more than one tool for contact management, increasing costs.

You do not make use of automations.

How to solve this problem correctly, on time and without a lot of work?

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If you are looking for a sales, telephony and service management system that provides the best automation solutions designed specifically for large-scale sales, Datalyse is for you!

Sound familiar?

You spend a lot of time trying to communicate with your customers

You have a good team, but they could be more efficient if they spent less time sending communications!
You cannot send reminders via communications.
You cannot automate the sending of reminders.
You do not have a booking calendar integrated to your online calendar.
They do not collect the communications sent in the files of the contacted customers.
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Unnecessary expenditures on tools that do not meet expectations

Optimize your expenses by incorporating a CRM that includes all the tools you need on a daily basis.
You cannot communicate by: WhatsApp, SMS, videoconference, call and email from a single program.
You don't have automations in the same CRM that allow you to send notifications and reminders to customers.
You can't collect forms about travelers' experiences, and have them recorded in the clients' files.
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The Solution: Datalyse

Manage your business, automate your processes, and sell more.

Datalyse includes + 10 pre-configured automations for sales, customer service, contacts and renewals. A complete software!

We provide the technology, you set the limits!

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Functionality #1

Save time and spend it on tasks that increase your turnover.

Make calls and send notifications with a single click from the customer's own file. Automate the sending of communications through Workflows. Filter by destination, customer or any other data and streamline your day-to-day management. Optimize your time with Datalyse!

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Functionality #2

We centralize all the tools in a single CRM to make your life easier.

Datalyse CRM for travel agencies allows you to centralize and organize all your data. As a result, from a single platform you will be able to enjoy tools such as: reservation manager, online calendar, videoconference room, VoIP PBX, communication sending and much more.

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Functionality #3

Analyze the volume of sales and work through online statistics provided by the CRM.

Get reports, graphs and analytics on any information within the CRM to allow you to identify weaknesses and strengths of your employees, sales cycle or sales period.

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The reason why hundreds of companies use Datalyse

82% of companies see results with a Datalyse account

They use Datalyse to scale their business, when will you?

Why should they do it now? How close are they to solving their problem?

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