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With Datalyse, no more worries about getting a bunch of different tools to "talk to each other" again... Scale remotely with ease.
A sales-oriented operating system and global phone and communications system all in one! Run your business locally and globally! Automate the entire customer lifecycle with automated processes in: sales, service, renewals and claims.
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Why not incorporate tools for large-scale sales?

Communication must be open, clear and coherent for your client. The management of the relationship with your clients, the control of the work ensuring the fulfillment of the agreed upon deliverables.

Control and monitoring of the work of each telemarketer or worker. Increase the degree of involvement of your employees in each of your projects.

All your information and that of your customers, encrypted and in a "security bunker". Increased delivery controls. No third party intervention.

How to solve this problem correctly, on time and without a lot of work?

If you want a system to manage sales, telephony and service while offering the best possible automation that was designed specifically for high volume sales, then Datalyse is for you!

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Sound familiar?

Your current software lacks sales automation and scalability

You have a good database, great professionals, great campaigns but sales are not increasing!
You cannot activate new cross-selling campaigns, testimonials or renewals.
The scalability of your sales software is an issue that will affect the growth of your business.
You cannot activate new sales plans, service plans, or update campaigns.
You lose sales and sales because these tools don't help you communicate consistently with your customers.
You have high communications costs or your communications are on multiple platforms.
You don't have performance reports from your teams or departments without performance metrics to improve.
Calls, tasks, visits that did not happen and lost sales opportunities because of it.
Your company's image has been damaged or may be damaged by the carelessness of your employees.
Your sales teams complain that lead allocation is not equal.
Making few calls per week.
Lack of control of sales opportunities.
Dispersed technological tools and not on the same platform.
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Other CRMs are simply not designed for growing companies like yours.

Other systems are great if you have a small sales team or lack many of the basic functions a company needs today to make a lot of calls.
You cannot make calls from the customer's own file or record them. Saving time is fundamental in sales. With Datalyse you have your own PBX or Webphone integrated in your own CRM.
Even basic functions need an alternative. Don't be forced to use other tools to chase leads, send text messages, WhatsApp, send satisfaction surveys, store documentation in the cloud, create trouble tickets, generate activity reports or automate emails.
The main idea behind an omnichannel strategy is that your company can track its customers across multiple channels and your team collects data on their preferences to provide the best service.
As a result, we better understand our customers and identify sales opportunities.
With Datalyse you will integrate all customer service channels, both online and offline: email, telephone, social networks, live chat, among other features. With Datalyse CRM you will have solved a large part of a good omnichannel strategy.
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The solution?

Manage your business, automate your pipelines and sell more

Datalyse includes infinite easy-to-design automation campaigns for sales, service, claims and renewals - a cloud contact center engagement platform!

We provide the technology, you set the limits!

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Functionality #1

It adapts to the different needs of each of the company's departments.

Your company is not the one who must adapt to our CRM. Datalyse is aware that each company has its own work methodology, WE ADAPT TO YOUR WAY OF WORKING! We distribute your contacts to your sales teams through automatic manual or mass distribution. Create user profiles and targets for each team member in minutes. Set custom user permissions based on job roles in just a few clicks.

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Functionality #2

All Communications in one place!

WhatsApp, mail manager, SMS sending, videoconference room, chatbot, Internet telephony, all integrated into a single management platform. Why add additional tools for your employees in their daily routine, when Datalyse has everything in one place? Save on monthly payments. Only one monthly fee for all integrated tools.

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Functionality #3

Focus on specialized sales prospecting with a dedicated CRM.

With Datalyse CRM, members of your sales and helpdesk teams will receive a direct notification when they need to act on a task reminder. They will have all customer and prospect data in seconds to personalize your pitch. Scheduling tasks with automatic automations, to be done at the right time, will no longer be a complicated job. With Datalyse web forms, not only do you get these answers, but you can also include them or send them to your customers.

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