The perfect CRM for insurance companies

With Datalyse, no more worries about getting a bunch of different tools to "talk to each other" ... Scale remotely with ease.
A sales-oriented operating system and global phone and communications system all in one! Run your business locally and globally! Automate the entire customer lifecycle with automated processes in: sales, service, renewals and claims.
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Datalyse is a system designed specifically for the insurance industry.
Some of the insurance companies we work with are


Why is your current CRM not allowing you to get the most out of it?

You use different tools for communications.

You cannot store all the communications you make in your policyholder's file.

They do not include automations in courier delivery.

It does not allow you to manage bookings from the CRM itself, linking the bookings with the client's file and your calendar.

How to solve this problem correctly, on time and without a lot of work?

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If you are looking for a sales, telephony and service management system that provides the best automation solutions designed specifically for large-scale sales, Datalyse is for you!

Sound familiar?

Your current software lacks a filtering system based on the type of insurance.

You have a good database, great professionals, great campaigns, but you waste a lot of time managing customer data!
You cannot segment your customers based on type of insurance or industry.
You waste a lot of time in finding your clients' files or insurance.
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Other CRMs are not designed for growing insurers like yours.

Other systems are great if you have a small sales team or lack many of the basic functions a company needs today to make a lot of calls.
You cannot make calls from the customer's file.
It does not allow you to give the best support to the user, because you do not collect all the information in the customer's file and there is no record of the call.
You cannot initiate calls in one click. This causes valuable time loss.
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The Solution: Datalyse

Manage your business, automate your processes, and sell more.

Datalyse includes + 10 pre-configured automations for sales, customer service, contacts and renewals - a complete software!

We provide the technology, you set the limits!

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Functionality #1

It does not adapt to the different needs of each of the company's departments.

Your company is not the one who must adapt to our CRM. Datalyse is aware that each company has its own working methodology. WE ADAPT TO YOUR WAY OF WORKING!

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Functionality #2

Oversee and manage communications with your policyholders

Datalyse CRM for the insurance industry allows you to centralize and organize all your data and insurance. As a result, you will be able to have all your data centralized and avoid information loss.

Evaluate the performance of your employees with Datalyse's monitoring centers and get better results.
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Functionality #3

Streamline sales processes

Filter by customer type and organize your contacts by sector. Don't waste any more time looking for customer files and speed up your sales with Datalyse.

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Functionality #4

All Communications in one place!

WhatsApp, mail manager, SMS sending, videoconference room, chat bot, Internet telephony, all integrated into a single management platform. Why add additional tools for your employees in their daily routine, when Datalyse has everything in one place? Save on monthly payments. There is only one monthly fee for all integrated tools.

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Centralization is not an exclusivity; it is a reality!

These are points you won't have to worry about!!! Changing the status of a contact or even an opportunity and accessing information from two points are features that not only save you time, but also help your team stay productive and efficient. All the functionality you'll ever need, included: Creating and customizing the fields you need for your business. Import and export contacts and their properties from Excel or .CSV. Search for contacts with the enhanced multi-filter function. Visualization of each management automation associated with each contact. Customization of your company's contact status based on your needs or requirements. Automatic generation of contacts from digital marketing campaigns or from the company's own landing page. A design designed to succeed!

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