CRM Reporting and Analytics

Generate and analyze customized dashboards and reports at the click of a button.
Datalyse provides you with the tools to create customized reports linking all CRM data so that you can generate any type of graph or statistic in a few clicks and in a very simple way.

Create your own reports

Datalyse allows you to create unlimited reports without the need to hire an analyst. In addition, we give you the possibility of transforming the reports into different types of graphs, from a bar chart, to a pie chart, to a funnel chart. This way you decide how you want the reports that Datalyse generates to look like.

Reliable source for your data

Datalyse links all your data from within the CRM itself, so that you can generate any type of report with the real and current data of your company.

Improve the work of your team

Dashboards allow various reports to be displayed on a single monitor, so that the whole team can see the most relevant metrics at the same time.

Generates statistics in real time.

Improve your sales model by visualizing trends thanks to dashboards and reports.
Visualize the trends of your sales process so that no business opportunity escapes, and maximize profits and improve your sales cycle.
Visualize the work being done by your team/employees and evaluate their performance by means of dashboards that will show you all their work activity throughout their day.

Unseen Engineering

Thanks to artificial intelligence and automatisms, Datalyse allows you to combine any type of data to generate from a report to a statistic, with just one click and without the need of having high computer skills. Let artificial intelligence do the work for you.

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