Private Social Network Platform

Datalyse has created an easy-to-use intranet or private social network for communication, a powerful tool to facilitate effective communication and help increase employee engagement.


Communicate easily with colleagues about professional or personal matters.

Optimize resources

You reduce the sending of emails, if not also directly reduce functions such as instant messaging or postings on external forums to the company.

Create community in your company

Highlights company victories or events related to departments or individuals. The month's objectives achieved, the creation of a new product.

The total employee communication platform

It brings employees together around the life of the company. This is the cross section where all employees of the company can post and share good ideas, tips, suggestions, photos...
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Share with everyone

Do not leave anyone you consider important out of your publications. Share with the people in your company, team or group everything you consider most relevant.

Internal communication should be a matter of everyone

Datalsye allows you to create different channels and forums to create links between colleagues.
Communications in real time.
Fomenta the participation of all employees.
Power communication within your company.
Analyze the dynamics by viewing the interactions.

More features

Build an online community with advanced social tools.
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Simple and easy to use interface.
Internal and secure instant messaging.
Generates an infinite number of channels.
Likes, comments, tagging peers to create community.

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