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With Datalyse, no more worries about getting a bunch of different tools to "talk to each other" ... Scale remotely with ease.
A sales-oriented operating system and global phone and communications system all in one! Run your business locally and globally! Automate the entire customer lifecycle with automated processes in: sales, service, renewals and claims.
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Datalyse is a system designed specifically for companies that allow teleworking.
Some of the companies that work with this option


Why do teleworking problems arise?

You do not have a center for monitoring the activities of your employees at a general level.

You can't know what your employees are doing minute by minute.

Lack of control of sales opportunities

Dispersed and non-centralized tools on a single platform

You do not have a channel for communication between your employees integrated into the CRM.

You use Excel

How to solve this problem correctly, on time and without a lot of work?

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If you are looking for a sales, telephony and service management system that provides the best automation solutions designed specifically for large-scale sales, Datalyse is for you!

Sound familiar?

Your current software does not allow you to monitor the activity of your employees and it is difficult to know the actual time they are working.

You have a good business model but you can't evaluate and control your employees!
You cannot know what an employee is doing on work time.
You do not have the ability to listen in on calls and view communications made by your employees.
You cannot forward calls to other employees who are teleworking.
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Difficulties in communication between employees

Other systems are excellent if you work side by side with your colleagues and can talk to them physically, but they create problems when it comes to teleworking.
You do not have a section within the CRM for employees to communicate with each other.
You do not have the possibility of creating different channels to segment communications between departments or workers.
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The Solution: Datalyse

Manage Your Business, Automate Your Processes, and Sell More

Datalyse includes + 10 pre-configured automations for sales, customer service, contacts and renewals. A complete software!

We provide the technology, you set the limits!

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Functionality #1

It does not adapt to the different needs of each of the company's departments.

Your company is not the one who must adapt to our CRM. Datalyse is aware that each company has its own working methodology. WE ADAPT TO YOUR WAY OF WORKING!

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Functionality #2

Supervise and control the work performed by your employees

Datalyse CRM allows you to obtain graphical and analytical reports on the performance of your employees. Enjoy a CRM section where you will be able to see all the work done day by day by your team, with information updated minute by minute.

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Functionality #3

Telework from anywhere with Datalyse

Datalyse provides you with a CRM in the cloud, from which you can telework only if you have an internet connection.

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Functionality #4

Calls to and from anywhere in the world

Datalyse offers you the possibility of making calls from a computer or telephone, with the possibility of acquiring geographic numbers from any country from which to receive and make calls from the CRM itself. Why add additional tools for your employees in their daily routine, when Datalyse has everything in one place?

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Centralization is not an exclusivity; it is a reality!

These are points you won't have to worry about!!! Changing the status of a contact or even an opportunity and accessing information from two points are features that not only save you time, but also help your team stay productive and efficient. All the functionality you'll ever need, included: Creating and customizing the fields you need for your business. Import and export contacts and their properties from Excel or CSV. Search for contacts with the enhanced multi-filter function. Visualization of each management automation associated with each contact. Customization of your company's contact status based on your needs or requirements. Automatic generation of contacts from digital marketing campaigns or from the company's own landing page. A design designed to succeed!

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